Heather's Testimony

In June 2012, I went into the simon Community Hostel in Forest side, Belfast after the breakdown of a relationship.  This should have been one of the lowest points of my life but it turned out to be the happiest time of my life.

I had lost my faith many years before, but by this point I knew that there was something missing in my life.  One Saturday evening I went into the kitchen and met two strangers who introduced themselves to me as Naomi and William and told me they were from Teen Challenge Belfast.  They told me a brief idea of what Teen Challenge was.  I was invited onto the outreach bus for a cup of tea and a sandwich, which I gratefully accepted. At this point, I realised what it was that me life was missing.  JESUS! On the bus I met Lee, Debbie and Liz, who made me feel very welcome and on the bus that night i put my life into the hands of my Heavenly Father.

Over the weeks that followed, God became very evident in my life, I was moved out of the main hostel and into a flat in the hostel grounds more suitable for me as a disabled person. Lee organised for me to go to the Newtownbreda Baptist Church. When I first met with Teen Challenge Belfast, I had a vry low income but not once did i go hungry,God made sure I was provided for at all times.  With the help of Teen Challenge and my Church i am growing in my faith every day.

God continues  to work in my life every day making me stronger in my faith all the time


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